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kids birthday parties brussels

Initation cirque anniversaire HD from Simon Saintmard on Vimeo.

How to organize your child's birthday while staying cool ... ?

  • Where and when to organize the birthday of my child?

To organize your child's birthday, it is important to think carefully about the date and the place where the party will take place: is what you want to organize the birthday you where at home or you want to organize the birthday of your child in a room ? the both are possible and are very cool, if you want to organize the birthday of your child at home, it is best to have a sufficient space for the children to move.

  • Should I organize the birthday of my child at home, or rent a room?

t is not mandatory to select a room for your child's birthday although this is a more comfortable option if you plan to invite the whole class!

  • How to amuse, entertain and supervise children ?

When organizing the birthday of your child, it is not always easy to amuse, entertain and supervise  a group of children, it is best to call the facilitator service(s) and you will enjoy the best of your child's birthday without being exhausted before the end of the afternoon.

  • How to prepare the checklist for the birthday party for my child ?

Do not panic , organizing well , you will stay cool and make the most of the celebration of the anniversary of your child!

Before your child's birthday:

  • Choose a date

  • Choose a venue (rent a venue - at home)

  • send invitations (ask parents to confirm the presence of their child a week before the date of the anniversary)

  • prepare drinks, cake, tablecloth, plates and decoration


    The Day of your child’s birthday party:

  • Hang balloons on the door, parents will be easier to trace the location of the party!

  • Prepare the table and decoration

  • Ask the host of the birthday party for your child to get a bit overcharged to anticipate the arrival of children

  • Take the opportunity to talk with other parents

it may seem quite logistics but do not worry, when your checklist is ready, it's easier

; )

We hope these few lines will help in organizing the birthday party of your child : )

You will find below some information about the formulas that we can offer you: